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What is Thermal Imaging?
Thermal imaging is a method of mapping and analysing the thermal patterns emitted from the surface of an object. This is done by the use of an infrared camera which converts the infrared energy emitted from that surface into the visible spectrum and hence visible to the human eye.


Thermal imaging may be used to fault find and as an on-going procedure as part of preventative maintenance for a number of applications including the building industry,
mechanical, and electrical.

Furthermore, we can work in conjuntion with experts from many different disciplines where our expertise, specialised knowledge and training in thermal imaging may provide unique new solutions and insights. We are always delighted to explore new areas where thermal imaging technology can be of assistence.

click here for a case study of a domestic house

Other Examples
Domestic Underfloor Heating:

Underfloor heating or pipework can be traced, either to fault-find or to map before carrying out works

Equine Thermography:

Thermography can have a number of applications in relation to horses:

Identification of damage to tendons, ligaments, laminitis, infections etc.
Location of sprains, strains etc.
Check saddle fitting and rider balance.
Check of horses pre-purchase.
Monitoring of injuries during and after treatment


Thermal imaging can be used to set up suspension geometry, or diagnose problems with a car's handling.
You can see clearly how the car on the right uses its tyres for instance.


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Commercial Electrical Instalations:

In this situation Thermography shows which units are active



thermal image

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