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With home owners becoming ever more aware of the need for energy conservation and a desire for a reduction in the cost of home energy bills, there are an increasing number of solutions on the market which have the potential meet these requirements.

A common mistake made when either building a new dwelling or attempting to make an existing dwelling more energy efficient, is to spend excessive amounts of money on energy saving solutions for very little actual saving in energy bills.

It is only common sense that before you spend your money you put some thought into what measures will best suit your building and make it more energy efficient with the consequent reduction in energy bills.

We can provide a full independent analysis of building, insulation, space and water heating systems which will provide real energy savings and advise on the most cost effective solution for your building.


A full list of our services is as follows;

Building Energy Ratings for new and existing dwellings

Compliance checks with Part L of the Building Regulations 2008

Advice and design of energy efficient building, space and water heating systems.

Inspection and condition reports on existing buildings & advice on grant schemes.

Thermal Imaging Surveys to identify cold spots, draughts, underflloor heating, pipe 000000000000000000000000leaks, roof inspections etc.

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