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INSPECTION and CONDITION REPORTS on existing buildings

If you are concerned about your house being cold, have excessive heating bills or are thinking of upgrading, we can provide independent advice on cost effective measures to suit your building.

This could be as simple as a visit to site to give advice on more efficient use of energy or where additional insulation could be installed or it could be the completion out a full survey and report utilising a thermal imaging camera to assess existing walls, floors and roofs, and inspections of existing heating, hot water and ventilation (where applicable) systems.

Also if you are having problems with a heating, hot water or ventilation systems, water leaks, damp spots on walls etc. we can carry out an inspection and advise on possible solutions.

There are a number of grants available for upgrading your home to more energy efficient standards as detailed below.

Grant schemes available through Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)

See our Grant Scheme section for details.


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