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GRANT SCHEMES available through Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)

Full details are available on their website at or you can contact our office and we will advise on eligibility and what potential upgrades would best suit your building from a cost effectiveness and energy saving point of view.

Home Energy Saving Scheme:

This is available to all homeowners of dwellings built before 2006. Landlords and owners of multiple properties can apply but must submit a separate application for each property.

The following grants are available for energy improvement measures subject to complying to the relevant criteria:

Roof Insulation €250
Wall Cavity Wall Insulation €400
  Internal Wall Dry -Lining €2,500
  External Wall Insulation €4,000
Heating High Efficiency Gas or Oil Fired Boiler with Heating Controls Upgrade €700
  Heating Controls Upgrade €500
BER A Before Works and After Works BER €200
Note: The minimum grant amount for the first application must be €500. Where a BER grant is applied for, the €200 BER Grant cannot count towards the €500 minimum.

All works within this scheme must be carried out by contractors which are registered on the SEI’s Registered List.

Greener Homes Scheme

The Greener Homes Scheme provides assistance to homeowners who intend to purchase a new renewable energy heating system for existing homes.

The following level of funding is available;

Solar Thermal Space and or Hot water heating (Evacuated Tube) €300 per m²(to max.6m² )
Solar Thermal Space and or Hot water heating (Flat Plate) €250 per m² (to max.6m² )
Heat Pump - Horizontal ground collector €2,500
Heat Pump - Vertical ground collector €3,500
Heat Pump - Water (well) to water €2,500
Heat Pump - Air source  €2,000
Wood Chip/Pellet Stove €800
Biomass / Wood pellet Stove with integral boiler €1,400
Wood Chip/Pellet Boiler €2,500
Wood Gasification Boiler €2,000

The product must be listed on the SEI’s list of conforming equipment to be eligible for funding.

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