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What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a method of mapping and analysing the thermal patterns emitted from the surface of an object. This is done by the use of an infrared camera which converts the infrared energy emitted from that surface into the visible spectrum and hence visible to the human eye.


Thermal imaging may be used to fault find and as an on-going procedure as part of preventative maintenance for a number of applications including:

1. The Building Industry
2. Mechanical and Electrical



Thermal image of underfloor heating circuit

Building Industry

Thermal imaging can be used to:

1. Identify cold spots on floors, walls and roofs which may not be visible to the human eye.
2. Identify damp spots and condensation and areas which may be conducive to mould growth.
3. Identify ingress of draughts.
4. Track underfloor heating circuits and trouble-shooting.
5. Identify pipe leaks, building water leaks and carry out roof moisture inspections.
6. Identify areas of missing insulation.

A proper thermal imaging survey will not only identify faults but will also try to identify any and all possible causes for cold or damp areas and advise on solutions for same.


Thermal imaging can identify abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns on systems or equipment which may be indicative of problems.

Thermography can provide valuable information on the entire electrical system from generation, distribution, transformers, switch gear, UPS systems, Low Voltage systems etc. and can detect loose connections, overloaded circuits and/or phases and deteriorated or damaged insulation.

Mechanically, thermography can be used to identify faults on motors, pumps, fans, compressors etc.


Thermal image shows active units
thermal imaging

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