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ADVICE & DESIGN of energy efficient building, space and water heating systems

When thinking about the construction of an energy efficient building, the starting point should be how to reduce as far as possible the heat loss through the structure and thus the energy required to heat it. Only then should the various options for heating the space be investigated.

With this in mind, the level of insulation in roofs, walls and floors as well as the insulating properties of the windows all become very important in the design of any building.

Today there are numerous constructions for walls and roofs available offering very high insulating properties from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers. Also there is a vast range of differing glazing solutions available giving varying levels of insulation.

Once the thermal properties of your building are known, the heating system can be properly designed to suit without fear of over or under sizing of HVAC systems.

We can offer a full analysis including budget costs for different constructions, what levels of insulation can be achieved, space and water heating systems, ventilation systems and what implications these will have in terms of running costs for the end user.


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