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COMPLIANCE CHECKS - Building Regulations Part L 2008 Compliance

As part of the Building Regulations Part L 2008 any new building is required to be designed and constructed so as to limit the amount of energy required for the operation of the dwelling and the amount of C02 emissions associated with this energy use.

For new buildings this requirement shall be met by:

01. Confirmation of that the energy performance of the dwelling meets the requirements 000of the regulations when calculated using the Non-domestic Energy Assessment 000Procedure (NEAP) published by Sustainable Energy Ireland

02. Limiting heat loss and maximising of heat gains through the fabric of a building where 000applicable.

03. Providing and commissioning energy efficient space and water heating systems 0000including adequate controls of these systems.

04. Ensuring that the building is designed to limit the need for cooling and where air-000conditioning or mechanical ventilation is installed, that the systems are energy 000efficient, appropriately sized and adequately controlled.

05. Limiting the loss from pipes, ducts and vessels used for the transport or storage of 000heated water or air.

06. Limiting the heat gains by chilled water and refrigerant vessels, and by pipes and 0 000ducts that serve air conditioning systems.

07. Providing energy efficient artificial lighting systems and adequate control of these 000systems.

Many Local Authorities now require evidence of compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations as part of the planning process.

We can provide full checks for compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations and advise on the most cost effective ways to meet these requirements.

Alternative Energies Feasibility Study
As part of compliance with the European Communities (Energy Performance of Buildings) Regulations 2006, any large building (a building with a total useful floor area in excess of 1,000m²) for which a planning application is made or planning notice published on or after January 2007 must be shown to have given due consideration to the feasibility of installing alternative energy systems in the design for that building.

The alternative energy systems to be considered need to include:

01.Decentralised energy supply systems based on renewable energy.
02.Combined heat and power systems.
03.District or block heating or cooling if applicable.
04.Heat pumps.
Compliance with this requirement can be shown by a feasibility study carried out for the proposed building.
We are in a position to carry out such studies and advise on cost effective solutions for renewable energies.

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